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Current Hobbies & Interests

When I was very young I had a short wave radio in my bedroom and took great delight in listening to voices in a different language. With only realizing that they must be a long way off as they did not speak English. This progressed on the becoming a part of the Victoria CB Radio Club where I met and still communicate with many of the old time members. Then the time came to take a Ham Licence course. (VE6PGU) I had put this off for years as Morse Code was not going to be a strong suit. As luck would have it this is no longer a requirement. The farthest I have communicated so far was a ham in Morocco and another in Australia. The time differences with many of these countries are even in another day.

On a nice summer day (or not so nice on a BACA run) you will see me out on my Harley (2012 Red Harley Classic or a 2012 Black Harley Trike) Now a 2017 Grey Harley Trike. I have ridden a motor bike since I was 13 but had to wait till I was 50 before I graduated to a Harley.

Then there is travelling in my RV with a car and bike behind in a trailer. The only way to go.

In November 2012 I saw a 1959 Triumph TR3A advertised for sale in Prince George BC. This is like the car I had before I was married. So I travelled there, loved it, and bought it from a couple who had spent the previous 5 years doing a full restoration. It still had some way to go but the major work had all been done. After getting it to my garage in Carstairs and taking off all the furniture blankets I discovered that the Tonneau cover had been slashed. I recognized this as something that had happened in my parents garage in 1963. I know because I stitched it up in our shop. YES I BOUGHT MY SAME CAR 48 YEARS LATER and didn’t know it. Talk about renewing your youth. This has to be the ultimate. Check it out here: http://www.mystarcollectorcar.com/2-features/stories/2149-december-2013-reunited-after-48-years-a-man-finds-his-1959-triumph-tr3-in-the-want-ads.html

Summer of 2014 was memorable when I attended the Red Deer Car Auction and bought another car similar to the one I had many years ago  1963 ½ Ford Galaxie 500 XL. 2 door 396 white with red leather bucket seats. Fun to drive and very powerful. This was sold to a collector in New Mexico.

Then many years ago I was a member of the Victoria Jaycees. It was a pretty large organization and put on a major fair with displays, midway, major stage show and Miss Victoria. I was fortunate to be both President and Fair Director (at different Years. Jaycees unfortunately is only available till you reach 40) however I was honored with a Senatorship. This a lifetime membership in the World Senate.

Volunteering: that was a whole world unto its own. It began in school when I was part of the Spade Club. We visited and helped out at the handicapped school of the Jubilee Hospital. As I got older I used to pick up one of the patients and drive her home occasionally in the Triumph. I did meet some other volunteers who have now drifted off. One year I was at the Shawnigan Camp where I ended up taking a major role in its operation over a number of weeks. When I began in the store I worked on the Oak Bay Tea Party even chairing it one year. It was started by the Village Merchants and the Oak Bay Bored of Trade (sic) I think it is over 70 years now and still running. Then, there was all the events of the Jaycees including saving the Emily Carr house that was donated to the Royal Victoria Museum. I then became involved in the greater Victoria Festival Society and was president when we not only looked after all of the Victoria Festivals but began the Victoria Boat Race. The first year involved Cambridge and Oxford. I even had to ride the Victoria MayDay Parade as the chairman one year. Then here was the Victoria Airshow which I was a founding Director. Got bumped at the last minute by a radio DJ to go up with the Snowbirds. Probably just as well I suffer from terrible motion sickness. Looking back I thank my staff in my businesses back then which allowed me time to spend on these activities.

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