Clubs and Associations

Clubs and Associations

RV : I belong to the Family Motor Coach Association (20+years)and within that to the Calgary Chapter of the FMCA Drifters. And HRRC Holiday Rambler Owners Club. Then with my Ham radio I belong to the FMCA Ham group.

Harley: over 23 years the Harley Owners Group. Red Deer Chapter

TR3: Vintage Sport Car Club of Calgary

Ham Radio: The Amateur Radio Club of Red Deer and Radio Amateurs Club of Canada.

I have been a member of IATSE Vancouver local 118 for over 25 years these are Stage Employees. Calgary Local 212 of IATSE also over 27 years which has jurisdiction over Film and stage in the Calgary area. I was presented with a plaque from Calgary signifying over 25 years with the Union. Vancouver is one that I have been paying dues with not ever working there. 2016 will see the end of my membership as I can take a Honorary Withdrawl.

United Motorcoach Association with the Bus Company.

Life Member of the JCI Canada Senate. Having served as President 1974 and Fair Director (Victoria Jaycee Fair) 1975

In the 1960s I had joined the Victoria Flying Club but never went on to get my licence. It wasn’t until  the 1980s that I took out my flying licence. Mostly as Alex, who owned Spectacular Productions in Vancouver was an avid enthusiast with a Cardinal. I passed my licence and purchased a Cessna 172 (CF-STB) as a family with 2 young boys Mike and Marc. We had holidays to Alberta in it as well as camping on Vargas Island and airshows around the west coast. On one of our trips I saw a Mooney in 2 Hills Alberta for sale and as fortune would have it was still available 2 years later. CF-PGU became the new acquisition after STB was sold. Actually STB is still flying as a trainer with the Vancouver Flying Club. The farthest I took the Mooney was Kerrville Texas where they are built and celebrating an annual homecoming. The Mooney was sold in 1993 and I was devastated when the new owner parted it out for his building project. That was the last time I flew an airplane and let my licence lapse.

My Late wife Deanna introduced me to many of the mysteries of Holistic Medicine. She was a teacher of Live Blood Analysis, Herbology and Iridology. With that I was fortunate to have taken courses in Iridology with the renouned Dr Bernard Jensen and was granted a certificate. I also was able to take a number of courses in Live Blood Analysis and received certification from the Bradford Institute in San Diego. It did not stop there as there were many other courses and workshops I attended. I still continue with Natures Sunshine Products and make assessments using the Zyto Compass computer program and have been certified as a Weight Loss and Health Consultant.  I have a complete library of books, courses and materials as well as a Zeiss Microscope that will eventually find new homes. Call me if anything interests you.

Volunteering: that was a whole world unto its own. It began in school when I was part of the Spade Club. We visited and helped out at the handicapped school of the Jubilee Hospital. As I got older I used to pick up one of the patients and drive her home occasionally in the Triumph. I did meet some other volunteers who have now drifted off. One year I was at the Shawnigan Camp where I ended up taking a major role in its operation over a number of weeks. When I began in the store I worked on the Oak Bay Tea Party even chairing it one year. It was started by the Village Merchants and the Oak Bay Bored of Trade (sic) I think it is over 70 years now and still running. Then, there was all the events of the Jaycees including saving the Emily Carr house that was donated to the Royal Victoria Museum. I then became involved in the greater Victoria Festival Society and was president when we not only looked after all of the Victoria Festivals but began the Victoria Boat Race. The first year involved Cambridge and Oxford. I even had to ride the Victoria MayDay Parade as the chairman one year. Then here was the Victoria Airshow which I was a founding Director. Got bumped at the last minute by a radio DJ to go up with the Snowbirds. Probably just as well I suffer from terrible motion sickness. Looking back I thank my staff in my businesses back then which allowed me time to spend on these activities.